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Managing oily skin

It can be difficult to pinpoint your exact skin type and even though most of us experience oily skin from time to time, those with an overall oily skin type will usually know they have it. Oily skin can feel unpleasant, unclean and leave skin looking shiny due to the excess oil that sits on the surface of the skin.

Some people have naturally larger sebaceous glands (tiny oil-producing pockets in your skin), which are mostly down to genetics. But skin types can change over time due to internal and external factors. Hormones can play a part too for example, during teenage years or pregnancy, and rising hormones means rising oil production 😥
Being too harsh on your skin can also mess up the balance in the sebaceous glands - over exfoliating or over cleansing for cleaner, smoother skin, actually has the opposite effect and can be very damaging to your skins health. Striping the skin of its natural moisture (the oil) causes the skin to over produce more oil in an attempt to provide extra moisture.

Other factors impacting oily skin include: changing weather - winter dries you out, while summer may cause more oil production, stress, air pollution and cosmetics also play their roles too.

Those with an oily skin type may not believe this is a thing, but there are actually some benefits! Your skin produces oil to preserve and protect it, meaning that oily skin tends to be thicker and have less wrinkles 😁

In general, the trick is to find the right balance between not having too much oil and still having enough to maintain the natural moisture in your skin. Firstly, resist the urge to use harsh products and instead, opt for a gentle cleanser that helps to remove excess oil, dirt and makeup (remember - over cleansing means more oil!)!

Certain ingredients will also help to balance moisture and oil levels in your skin - Squalane, Marula and Jojoba are light oils, great for locking in moisture without clogging pores. Retinol is another champion, amazing for restoring and refining the skin and found naturally in oils such as Broccoli seed, Rosehip and Avocado 🥑

Oily skin is more prone to acne, breakouts and blackheads due to excessive oil production clogging the pores if not properly cared for. Using the right products for your skin type is essential, if you would like any further information or product recommendations, drop us a message in the chat box 🙂

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