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Vegan Skincare is Only For Vegans.. Isn't It?

A common question we hear from our customers is, 'do I have to be a vegan to use your products?' The short answer is, no. The misconception seems to be that the term 'vegan skincare' is relative only to those who choose to follow a vegan diet and lifestyle, which is not the case. The term simply means that products are created without using any ingredients derived from animals.

Why We Use Vegan Ingredients

Our skin is very delicate and it is proven that vegan beauty products are better for those with sensitive skin as they are made up of fewer ingredients than non-vegan products. Additional, and sometimes unnecessary, ingredients can increase the chances of developing skin conditions such as acne, dry skin and rashes.

Vegan ingredients are natural and derived from plant based products, often very minimal and more nourishing for your skin, meaning they are less likely to lead to irritation that can come with using products with chemicals, additives and animal based ingredients.

Vegan Vs Cruelty Free

Although similar, they aren't quite the same. As we have seen, vegan products do not include any ingredients that come from animals or animal by-products, such as honey (bees) or uric acid (cows).

Cruelty free means that the product has not been tested on animals but can still contain animal based ingredients.

For more information on our products and ingredients you can contact us or visit our ingredients pages here.

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