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Bring lockdown skin back to life

Summer is on its way!

It has been a long winter for all of us and the endless indoor activities (and the face masks 🙄) have definitely taken their toll on our skin. During lockdown most of us either mastered an expert skin care routine or neglected it all together...which one were you? If you were part of the latter, these few simple tips will help to boost your glow during the spring and get your skin summer time ready ☀️:-

Don't fight the cleanse!

If we want glowing skin, cleansing is the first important step. Twice a day, and especially at night. Not cleansing means damaging our skins protective barrier, which can cause inflammation and our skin then misses the essential boost of hydration it needs before bed time.

*Remember - our skin repairs itself whilst we sleep 💤

Up your moisturising game

Winter is basically a crime against healthy skin. The dry air and lack of humidity steals our skins shine, leaving us looking dull and dehydrated. The pandemic has also been an additional stress for us, and we know what the 's' word does! (Slows down skin repair, if you didn't know). So moisturise with products that provide that well needed hydration boost, bring your skin back to life!

Protect your skins barrier

Healthy skin means glowing skin. Exfoliating regularly (twice a week) and adding antioxidants to your routine will remove dead skin cells and help to improve your skins ability to retain moisture, stay supple and stay glowing!

- Try adding our Avocado Nourishing Face Oil to your routine, it is full of antioxidants and essential vitamins -

Lastly, SPF

I read somewhere that taking vitamin D supplements along with using sunblock helps to boost our skins glow. Should we give it a try? 😉

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